Sexual Deportment: Training For Call Girls

You may be surprised to know that girls in the escort industry often undergo training in sexual deportment. You may have assumed that all that was required was a friendly nature and a reasonably attractively visage. However, most girls entering the call girl business are groomed by the madam or a senior practicing escort. The owners of brothels and massage parlours are running a service industry business and customer satisfaction is paramount to their ongoing success.

You do not want a rude or overly aggressive operative spoiling the experience of the punter. Equally, you would not want an overly shy or sexually inhibited girl manning the barricades on an A shift. So, what is sexual deportment? The dictionary defines deportment as a mixture of how one carries oneself and one’s manners and/or behaviour. So, in the sexual sense there is a little bit of Professor Henry Higgins teaching Eliza Doolittle elocution, in terms of how the girls display themselves in the mounting yard; to employ an equestrian analogy. The punter does not wish to see slovenly posture and indifferent posing, rather something graceful suggesting a diva or the divine.

Sexual deportment continues in the boudoir, where our novus escort is manoeuvring the client into washing his bits and the sheathing of the shaft. She may do the latter with her mouth, something the ladies would practice as part of their etiquette, so as not to deter sexual excitement when protecting their own hygienic health. Coitus itself is a dance in many ways, and the call girls are shown several enticing basic moves to show off their female anatomy. Perhaps, there is a little of the courtesan’s arts from yesteryear; it is the oldest profession in the world after all. Similarly, the way the Japanese Geisha pours a cup of tea for her punter; it involves a touch of class.

Looking at the mating habits of birds of paradise can also provide some clues into the natural urges which underpin the desired deportment of a lady of the night. Stylised hand movements, leaning into the client at the right moment, and tits and teeth, as the showgirls say when referring to the importance of an erect carriage and a wide smile. The escort must use her body as her instrument, inviting her punter to play a tune upon it, and tuning him up if the years have dulled his sexual acoustics somewhat.