Courses in Linen Sheet & Tablecloth Weaving


Weaving is the process of making a fabric or cloth. It is the primary step in producing beautiful fabrics. Fabric is made by interlacing two sets of threads over and under each other. The lengthwise threads are called the warp and horizontal threads are called the weft. The three basic types of weaves are plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. Woven cloth can be plain or woven in artistic designs. For centuries people have been using looms to weave cloth. A loom is a device that holds the threads in place while filling threads are woven through them. Hand looms were used to make cloth up until 300 years ago when people use power looms to mass-produce clothing.

Hand looms are still use today to make beautiful handmade fabrics. Weaving courses are offered around the world to give deep foundational knowledge and capability for this age-old craft. Whether it’s your first time at a loom or you’re an old pro, tailored classes are designed to develop weaving skills. Courses provide the opportunity for weavers to learn a new technique, brush up on existing skills and experience weaving on different types of looms.

Basic weaving course ranges from a few days to several weeks. Sturt a Contemporary Craft and Design School in Australia offers weekend courses in weaving. Learn how to weave tablecloth, linen sheets and other textile wonders. Basic weaving course teaches students how to make a warp, set up the loom and weave plain weave, twill and other variations. You will also learn to read a pattern, work with colours and learn different weaving techniques. This is designed for both beginners and weavers who wish to refresh their warping and weaving skills.

A few days are not enough to learn this craft. Comprehensive courses are offered in long term programs to learn the thematic weaving intensives. Advance classes are for students with basic weaving techniques and who wants to focus on different weave structures and to perfect their technique. Marshfield School of Weaving offers long-term work-study programs.

Things you will learn in a weaving course include:
• History
• Weaving equipment
• Materials
• Fabric analysis
• Color theory
• Project planning
• Drafting by hand
• Computer drafting
• Marketing your work

Linen is a beautiful and durable fibre when woven and finished properly.
Some weaving schools let student experience the entire process of growing flax and turning it into different types of linen yard and weaving it into cloth. Linen processing, spinning and weaving courses are available at Susie Gillespie Fine Art of Weaving.

Most weaving schools are set up in farm studios with looms, weaving equipment and kitchen facilities or boarding accommodation. Weaving courses fees vary depending on the number of days, materials to be used and accommodation.