Gambling Courses: Is The Best Bet With Betting Not To Bet At All?

The simple fact is, that if there was a betting system, which beat the odds and delivered guaranteed profits, then that system would have put gambling operators and that particular game out of business. I am sorry to say that that has not happened. Casinos and their gambling games are designed to advantage the house, not the punter; it is a business after all. Over the years many have tried to come up with fail safe betting systems for bets on horses, card games and the rest of the gambling game family; they have not worked.

Looking at the house advantage ratios in the games common to most casinos, Black Jack has the most punter friendly disadvantage, being 0.28% in favour of the house winning. The truth about gambling is that you can strike on occasion and come home a winner, but over the long haul the casino operator or bookie will win out because it is designed that way. The reality of life is, that if there was a system that worked it would be outlawed or that game would not be played by those in the business of making money from mug punters. Bets are designed to advantage the bookie or casino operator.

There is a reason why the Internet is full of courses or systems that you can purchase to beat the odds – that reason is that the people behind these systems make their money out of selling the system to you; not out of backing their own betting system. Why? Because none of these systems actually work. Long ago smart operators discovered that they could make much more money out of dudding optimistic human beings than they could out of mathematics. Bookies and casino operators are cold hearted calculating business people, not naïve amateurs like most mug punters.

Betting is about taking a risk now and then, breaking out of the dull routine of working for a living; it is not a long term panacea. If it was, everybody would be doing it and the global economy would fall apart; which it does when merchant bankers (gamblers) get hold of the steering wheel for any length of time. Counting cards in casinos whilst playing Black Jack is outlawed and if caught you will be banned from casinos. Martingale systems do not work, no matter how much money you put down; you will lose it in the end. Gambling courses: Is the best bet with betting not to bet at all? Yes but life gets pretty boring if you do not take a risk every now and then. But a sure fire system is not taking a risk, is it?