Study to become a personal trainer and develop better relationships

If you are considering becoming a personal trainer you will need a Certificate 3 and a certificate 4 in fitness from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). There is a government website where you can check if the training organisation you are considering using is registered, and it important that you use an RTO otherwise your qualifications will not be recognised.

The certificate 3 in fitness is for people with an interest in health and fitness who want to instruct others. In a certificate 3 you will learn how to appraise people’s fitness levels and identify problematic issues such as injury or poor postural positions. You will learn how to develop programs, how to assess that gym equipment is safe for use and is being used safely. The personal training sydney course will include a nutritional component and you will be able to provide basic nutritional advise and understand where to find government recommendations on diet.

The certificate 4 is an extension of the certificate 3 and covers many of the issues you will need to understand if you are planning to run your own business. Client screening, legal matters, motivation and business planning are all covered in the certificate 4. From a fitness perspective these is focus on developing long term fitness plans for clients.

The advantages of on-line courses are obvious; you do not need to attend the particular RTO on a daily basis. All the courses we checked had some face-to-face component; personal training is all about communicating with people and this can only be learnt with face-to-face time with a experienced life coach, the coach will also assist you in developing skills in relationship counselling that can help you develop strong relationships with your future clients.

There is much about the physiology of exercises that can be learnt on line. The material we surveyed regarding physiology was excellent and most used some interactivity, where layers of skin could be removed to reveal the muscles and bones underneath.

Now before you sign up to an on-line study course be sure to do your homework on the RTO providing your course. We have not been able to survey all the RTOs offering these courses, however all the courses we did survey were very professional and we could highly recommend the Australian Institute of Fitness, Dage Fitness Institute and the P.T. Institue.