Women’s Health Nursing Training: The Best Institutions


Women’s health nurses are nurses who specialise in providing treatment for women’s health issues from puberty to after menopause. They provide pre-conception, prenatal, postpartum care, family planning services and may other forms of health care for women. Nurses are equipped to work in primary clinics, hospitals, physician offices, community health centers, college health clinics, nursing homes, antepartum triage units and any other health care facility.

Duties and responsibilities of Women’s Health Nurse include the following:
• Diagnosing, treating and assisting female patients manage illnesses
• Conducting physical examinations
• Documenting and interpreting medical history
• Ordering and performing diagnostic procedures and tests
• Providing primary and specialty care services for women
• Prescribing pharmacologic treatments
• Providing family planning services like IUD insertion
• Providing prenatal care and screening services
• Prescribing physical therapy and rehabilitation
• Counseling and educating patients on how to avoid illness
• Performing minor surgeries

Women’s health nursing training program provides students with in-depth knowledge of physiology, pathophysiology, research, scientific theory and clinical experience with women’s health care. Students learn how to promote and maintain patient’s health, address minor and acute health problems, and provide prenatal, post-partum and gynecological care. Students will be able to expand employment opportunities after graduation from the training program. Women’s health nurses are in high demand but choosing the right nursing school can be overwhelming. Here are top 10 women’s health nursing training institutions in the world:

1. University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing located in Philadelphia was ranked best nursing school by US News & World Report in 2015. It offers a number of undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Studies in family, women’s health and mental health are among the school’s different master’s degree program.

2. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore is one of the top nursing schools in the world that offers quality comprehensive education for nurses seeking career advancement. The school of nursing now offers Master of Science in nursing degree online.

3. Curtin University, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine Australia is one of the best Nursing Schools in Australia. It offers innovative learning environment for aspiring nursing professionals. There are 12 nursing courses including undergraduate and graduate studies.

4. University of Manchester, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work is not only one of the best nursing schools in the United Kingdom but one of the best in Europe. Some of the courses offered at this school include mental health nursing, adult nursing and child nursing.

5. University of Washington School of Nursing has been on the top psychotherapist school in the US for about three decades now. There are three nursing departments including behavioral & health system, family & child nursing, psychosocial & community health. Graduate certificates are offered for nurse practitioners.

6. University of Edinburgh, School of Nursing has been ranked top in the Guardian University Guide 2015 among all higher education institutions in the UK. The university has been providing Clinical Psychologist programmes for more than 50 years. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in nursing.

7. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI is one of The Princeton Review’s best 380 colleges in 2015, as well as among the best nursing schools on US News & World Report’s list for 2015 and among the top 10 national universities according to Washington Monthly in 2015. This is the first nursing school to offer a master’s-level in international health.

8. Duke University, School of Nursing Durham NC, was established in 1931. It is one of the oldest and one of the top nursing schools offering different nursing programs including accelerated bachelor of nursing, masters in nursing, doctors in nursing and post-doctoral fellowship. Masters of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing is also offered online.

9. Yale School of Nursing, Connecticut was established in 1923, the first independent University-based nursing school which is considered as one of the top nursing schools in the world. It offers nursing degrees including Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

10. Christian Medical College, Vellore is one of the top medical centers in India. College of Nursing is one of best medical institution in the world. It offers several degrees in nursing including BSc Nursing, post graduate courses and distance education courses.