Why Some Female Students Work in the Sex Industry

According to researchers from Swansea University, one in 20 students turned to sex work while pursuing a university degree. Based on the study, there are three common reasons why they do such thing. It can either be to support their lifestyle, pay off their debts, or fund their studies. As per Student Sex Work Project, these students work as prostitutes, cam girls or escorts that give the girlfriend experience. There are also customers who desire role playing with these women. For instance, they want to study with some ladies, if you know what I mean.

In other research involving more than 6,000 university students, 3.5 percent of women admitted to working in the sex industry. Interestingly, 22 percent of the female respondents contemplated on entering the sex trade.

Why Some Female Students Work in the Sex Industry

Money is the major driver that prodded female students into selling sex. They are also motivated by the curiosity and the sexual pleasure associated with this line of work. In Australia, 40 percent of the female sex workers in major cities in the country are also attending universities and colleges. Like other student sex workers, the lucrative pay out encourages them to engage in the sex trade. In fact, a fetching woman can bring in as much as $1400 on a busy evening. This kind of money can help female students get by for at least a couple of days.

According to The Mirror, financial desperation is prompting Britain’s university students to turn into prostitution. Aside from a better pay option, these students can better manage their time in sex work compared with bartending or waiting tables. Surprisingly, some women chose to carry on with sex work even after completing their studies.

The Role of Social Media

As per the Daily Mail Online, female students are being encouraged to do sex work through social media adverts. As a matter of fact, some escort companies are targeting freshmen students for “potential work” via Facebook and Twitter. Some of these jobs include pole dancing, lap dancing, prostitution and working as a cam girl. This does not come as a surprise as an increasing number of escort companies are harnessing the reach of social media in promoting their services or recruiting new employees.